Monday, 29 September 2008

It's Monday!!!

A Chateau we visited My sister's garden.
Part of a little village

Well Monday morning and the builders are due back!!! The tiles for the floor are finally here. I've got used to the place to myself again after the builders being here for such a long time so I suppose I will feel a bit invaded later on!!

We had a lovely time at my sister's in France even though it was a short visit. We are looking forward to the Spring when we will probably have another few days over there.

The pics are just random views.

Hoping to get back to card making later on today after I have have tidied up and been to the shops and oh yes! walked Jack the Russel for my neighbour.Bye for now!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Hi again!! I sat up until midnight last night trying to put my Flikr photostream on my blog!!!! I tried the help pages and sort of realised what I should do but it still wouldn't work. Obviously I am still doing something wrong. My blog looks a mess . Half the time it is just hit and miss with me unless I am just typing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a dull rainy day it is. Oh well, I'll just have to sit and make cards!!!!! YESSSSS!I did promise myself I would sort the front garden out this week but hopefully I can craft with a clear conscience!!!he he!!
The dog saga goes on. I am still walking him every day and I really enjoy it but it is valuable crafting time!!!!Mind you it is helping to keep me fit and relatively slim!!!!!!!! My neighbour told me that about a week ago she thought she had managed to rehouse the dog as she was on a waiting list for dog rehousing.(?). Anyway, it turned out the lady also had a cat and my neighbour couldn't honestly say that Jack the Russell was ok with cats. So the walk goes on..and on...and on..........
Bob and I are off to my sister's in France very soon so I am really looking forward to it. Anne, my sister always wanted to move to France and she always said that when our lovely mum died she would go. Anyway, brave people that they are they sold their lovely house that theey had built up from nothing and kept it like the original house that was there and lived in a caravan whilst they did it. It was beautiful!!! Well, off they went to France and did vertually the same but lived in the old cottage as they did it up. Now they have sold that and moved to another bigger house which didn't need too much doing to it and that is where we are going to stay!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!I have never been to France before!!!! Will post pics on my return!!
Well, better do a bit of housework now before the card making takes over. Sue xx

Monday, 15 September 2008

Paddington card is the frontand the back of the card.

I like this fairy one!!!

Formulae one. A man bought that!!

My first romper suit card!!

My table

My table

Here are a few pics of the Craft Fair yesterday.

these are of my table. The handbag cards at the back were higher than the rest but it doesn't show up on the photo.While I am managing to do this I will show you some of the cards I took. I hope I haven't shown too many. Got a bit carried away because I was being aso clever!! he he!!
See you soon. Sue xx

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Well I really enjoyed the Craft Fair at The Floral Hall in Southport today. I got up at 6 (middle of the night to me) and we set off about 7.45. It was a good drive there but once we were on the prom we couldn't find the venue. After a lot of asking around we eventually saw 'Craft Fair' signs which must have been put out late. We were still in plenty of time though. Bob helped me take all my stuff in and I set up. The lady had given me an 8 foot table and my cloth wouldn't fit so a nice young lad who worked there brought me two lovely white cloths and we put them together so in the end my table looked quite nice. I did take a couple of pics and will post them probably tomorrow.

There were three other card sellers and three tables selling card making stuff and some of their own cards. In spite of this I did really well and had had lots of lovely compliments!!! (The compliments are worth a fortune). One lady said that they were the nicest cards she had ever seen and she made some herself but bought a lot from me!!! Bob said she'll probably go home and put her hand made labels over mine!!!! he he!! She was lovely. There was a lovely lady behind me selling nappy cakes and we got on really well and had a giggle.

All in ll it was a really nice day and because I sold quite a lot of cards it did my ego the world of good because the fist Crasft Fair I did I didn't sell much at all but then neither did anyone else. I am so tired zzzzzzzzzz that I think it will be an early night for me!!!!! Sue xx

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Forgot to say that the welly boots are the lovely TipTops Christmas stockings with the tops cut off!!! Thanks Tippy!! Suexx
I have managed to post a pic of two cards but you will have to scroll down to see them.I'm not in control of this blogging lark!! I bought the Care Bear stamps and papers and am having fun with them!!! I have some more to photograph and then I will (hopefully) post them for you to see. Sue xx

Latest cards

I have managed to put two cards on my blog but they aren't where i wanted them to be!!!! I'm not in control, I'm just out of control!!!! I bought the Care Bear stamps and have been having fun with them I also bought some of the papers and they are lovely!!! Hope you like the cards. I have some more but have yet to photograph them. Sue xx
Just been for a wonderful walk with my doggy friend from across the road. It was lovely in the sunshine. We walked about three miles and it was very bracing in the strong breeze. There are some lovely walks around where we live!!!
I am picking everyone's brains in the hope of a few tips to make my blog page look better. I think it is a bit boring at the moment. Any tips would be gratefully received.
Just realised that I need to get some change from the bank for Sunday's Craft Fair. I have found a bag full from the last fair but I need more silver I think. It's difficult to guess what to take!!!!
Well, I'll say bye for now, see you soon! Sue xx
ps. My friend sent me a funny email last night if I can figure it out I will post it.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Craft Fair

Well here I am again when I should be ironing or something ' housey'. I am going to try to sort my Blog page to look more interesting later. At the moment I am trying to concentrate on my cards as I have a craft fair on Saturday at the Floral Hall in Southport. That would be clever, turning up on the wrong day!!! It is actually Sunday. WAIL!!!!!!!(Wot am I like). Just made that one up but when it said WAIL I didn't want anyone to think I was sat here sobbing!!!!! I am going to the village later to see what I can find anything in the glorious two 'cheap shops' to accomodate my cards for Sunday. The first and only craft fair I did, I used cardboard boxes from the lovely old man in the local shoe shop but I think I will try something different this time.

Bob is due back tonight about 11.30 so I will have to have a tidy up later and make sure I have some bacon in to make him his homecoming bacon butty and open a bottle of wine!!!!!

I like this blog lark - I could sit here all day typing!!!!

Bye for now Sue xx

Monday, 8 September 2008

Thanks Girls!!

Just to say thanks to all the girls at the Foum for getting me here!!!!!

Went to Chester today and had a mooch around. Sales still on everywhere!!! I can't resist. Bought Bob a walking shirt from Millets. I am crafty here, it softens the blow when I tell him about my bargains and how much money I have 'saved' him. I bought a couple of pairs of shorts for walking and a hat for walking which I will probably never wear but it is nice!!! When I am a bit cleverer with my blog I will post pics of my hat! Sue xx
I might have started a blog but I didn't know hou to 'find myself' once I had signed out!!!!! Spent a couple of hours last night and then this morning I have found me!!!!!!!!All of you on the Forum may one day see this but I am still not sure what my blog address is!! (Am I stupid or what). Don't answer that Shaz!!!!!!! Or if you do, answer like a lady!!!! Once I sign out again I'll probably lose this page forever!!! Bye for now!! Suexx

Sunday, 7 September 2008

I've arrived in Blog Land

Hi everyone!!! I've done it!!!!Nothing much to say at the moment, everything is quiet here. Oh I can tell you about next Sunday. I have a table at a Craft Fair at the Floral Hall in Southport. If anyone who reads this manages to get there come and say hallo!