Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Hi again!! I sat up until midnight last night trying to put my Flikr photostream on my blog!!!! I tried the help pages and sort of realised what I should do but it still wouldn't work. Obviously I am still doing something wrong. My blog looks a mess . Half the time it is just hit and miss with me unless I am just typing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a dull rainy day it is. Oh well, I'll just have to sit and make cards!!!!! YESSSSS!I did promise myself I would sort the front garden out this week but hopefully I can craft with a clear conscience!!!he he!!
The dog saga goes on. I am still walking him every day and I really enjoy it but it is valuable crafting time!!!!Mind you it is helping to keep me fit and relatively slim!!!!!!!! My neighbour told me that about a week ago she thought she had managed to rehouse the dog as she was on a waiting list for dog rehousing.(?). Anyway, it turned out the lady also had a cat and my neighbour couldn't honestly say that Jack the Russell was ok with cats. So the walk goes on..and on...and on..........
Bob and I are off to my sister's in France very soon so I am really looking forward to it. Anne, my sister always wanted to move to France and she always said that when our lovely mum died she would go. Anyway, brave people that they are they sold their lovely house that theey had built up from nothing and kept it like the original house that was there and lived in a caravan whilst they did it. It was beautiful!!! Well, off they went to France and did vertually the same but lived in the old cottage as they did it up. Now they have sold that and moved to another bigger house which didn't need too much doing to it and that is where we are going to stay!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!I have never been to France before!!!! Will post pics on my return!!
Well, better do a bit of housework now before the card making takes over. Sue xx

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Tim said...


The light of your life here. You never sent me a link to this. Excellent work!

Tim and Nikki x